Teacher Bundles: Educator Discount on Masks for the Whole School Week!

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      The Element Mask

      The Element Mask

      At Rafi Nova, we are dedicated to developing masks that meet the needs of all of the different members of our community. This includes adjusting our masks to suit different activities, different sizes, different seasons, and even different fashion preferences. In addition to providing the perfect mask for anyone, we are constantly striving to make our masks even more effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce our antimicrobial Element Mask! Arriving just in time for your back to school shopping, the Element Mask may be the best thing you need on your list. 

      Designed with a medical-grade nano silver infused fiber called Aerosilver, which is known to eliminate certain germs and odors upon contact, The Element Mask may be our most protective mask yet. Its sweat wicking properties move fluids away from the body onto the outer layer of fabric, thereby increasing performance and endurance. 

      Aerosilver creates a lightweight fabric that is perfect for the hot summer and early fall. Its adjustable ear loops and nose closure make it the perfect fit for all different face sizes and prevent air from escaping. The airy and breathable fabric makes it perfect for a long day of wear. Even those who wear glasses will not experience any fogging! Additionally, the Element Mask offers UV protection from the sun where it is worn, making it an excellent choice for a jog or any other outdoor activities. 

      Like all of Rafi Nova’s masks, it is eco friendly and economical as it is reusable. It is easily washable by hand and is best left to air dry out of direct sunlight. 

      If you or someone in your family is planning on returning to school or work in the near future, or otherwise looking for a high quality and versatile mask, The Element Mask is now available on the Rafi Nova website. 

      Rafi Nova Loves Teachers

      Rafi Nova Loves Teachers

      That's right. You heard it here! 

      At the very core of our business is our children. Behind our mission, purpose, and even our company name are the two sets of twins that inspire everything we do. Because we want only the best for them, as all parents do, we feel so fortunate to have had so many talented educators in their lives. Even with school and summer camps having been postponed this year, our kids' natural curiosities and desires for knowledge have not gone away. Sometimes we find ourselves completely astonished by both the simple and complex questions they have, and trip over our words trying to give them the best answer possible. Teachers make it look so effortless. Teachers do it with so much patience. They make such an important job look so easy, even though we know it never is. With a difficult job being made so much harder by the circumstances, Rafi Nova wants to give back to those who give so much. Rafi Nova will be offering our Smile Mask and our Everyday Essentials Mask in an exclusive discounted teacher’s bundle for only $15 to get you ready for your return to the classroom. 

      The Smile Mask offers all the protection of a traditional cloth mask, but does not stop you from sharing your smile with the world. Designed originally for the deaf and hard of hearing by Speech Language Pathologist, Olivia Gampel the Smile Mask features a transparent plastic insert over the mouth that allows others to see your lips. It also has an adjustable nose and straps that tie behind the head that allow it to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Teachers rely on many different forms of communication to interact with students. Understanding facial expressions is a crucial part of the learning process, especially for young children. We want to outfit all teachers with a mask that protects them and their students while also encouraging one of the most basic forms of human interaction. Our bestselling Everyday Essentials mask is designed with three layers of lightweight cotton and soft, adjustable ear straps. It is perfect for any outdoor activities or a long day of wear. 

      All of Rafi Nova’s are made to be hand washed and air dried. As always, for each purchase, we will be donating a mask to frontline workers and communities in need. Rafi Nova is a fair trade and ethical company. 

      #DoYourPart In Preventing A Second Wave

      #DoYourPart In Preventing A Second Wave

      Research has shown that widespread mask usage can prevent the spread of COVID-19 as much as or more so than social distancing and hand hygiene. Universal mask wearing could be the answer to the issue of a second wave as reopening begins.

      With no vaccine in the near future and states beginning to reopen, social distancing and frequent hand washing are not enough to keep the virus from spreading exponentially. At the current growth rate, even just one case is projected to lead to over a million cases in two months if no preventative measures are taken. While the exact percentage of asymptomatic cases is unknown, studies suggest that 20-80% of cases never show symptoms. For those who are symptomatic, it usually takes four to six days before the symptoms show. 

      Reopening does not mean that life resumes back to normal; if anything, it is important to be even more vigilant. Researchers have been tirelessly seeking solutions for reducing the spread of the virus and preventing a second wave. Recent studies supported findings that wearing masks reduces the spread of the virus. Furthermore, these studies show that mass use of masks drops the growth rate low enough to avoid a significant second wave.

      In the summer heat, it may be tempting to forgo a mask, especially if you see others not wearing masks. However, studies show that even if only half of people wore a mask, the virus growth rate would drop significantly, resulting in hundreds of thousands of less cases and saving thousands of lives. 

      Our Everyday Elevated, Summer Tie-Behind, and Summer Performance Masks are lightweight and made to keep you comfortable as you protect yourself and those around you. The Everyday Elevated and Summer Tie-Behind feature a built-in filter and removable filter pocket, which the Summer Performance Mask features a built-in filter layer and adjustable ear toggles for a perfect fit. 

      Wear a mask and encourage those in your community to wear masks as well. It’s not just for you, it’s for all of those around you. Please, do your part and wear a mask!

      Get to know Rafi Nova: Meet Olivia!

      Get to know Rafi Nova: Meet Olivia!

      Canada Day: Q&A with Olivia Gampel

      Tell us about yourself and what you do at Rafi Nova.

      I’m originally from Toronto but moved to Boston in 2017 for graduate school and I’m now a licensed Speech-language pathologist in Massachusetts. I started volunteering for Rafi Nova when they first began making face masks, and ended up developing the idea for Smile Mask, given my background and knowledge of communication sciences. I’m currently the Head of Creative Solutions and manage the Intern program. I love being able to utilize my creative undergraduate degree and combine it with my passion for communication in a fast-paced startup environment.

      Let’s talk about Canada, since it’s Canada Day.  What do you miss most about Canada? 

      Definitely my family, as my immediate family lives in Toronto. I also miss the landscape and the outdoors. Just outside of Toronto are many Provincial Parks. It is really beautiful, especially in the summer. Other than that, I miss my favourite restaurants! 

      Where is your top travel recommendation in Canada? 

      The Rocky Mountains for sure. Google Lake Louise or Moraine Lake! Canada has incredible geography, and many great places to hike.

      Are there any Canadian stereotypes you think are true?

      Absolutely! I do think Canadians come across as very apologetic. We say sorry a lot, but more as a figure of speech. If someone bumps into me, I will probably say sorry. Not because I’m at fault, but because we bumped into each other. Yes, we all like hockey, and yes, we say “eh” a lot. 

      Do you have a favorite Canadian food? 

      Yes! It is classic, but I love poutine. It can’t even be a stereotype or a joke because I used to eat it all the time. It is really hard to find good poutine in the states, but there is one place in Cambridge that is great! Also, All-Dressed chips. 

      July 4th Activity Ideas

      July 4th Activity Ideas

      With stay at home orders still in place across the country and social distancing remaining a top priority, this year’s Fourth of July celebrations will look a little different than usual. Whether you and your family are stuck in the house, or you have the option to head to the beach, Rafi Nova has got you covered with some ideas to make the most of one of the best days of the summer! 

      Red White and FOOD! 

      It’s not a party without snacks! In addition to the classic outdoor barbecue or potluck, consider making some of these simple and sweet red white and blue treats! They are just as fun to prepare as they are to eat, and the kids will enjoy personalizing their own. 

      We are obsessed with these patriotic cake pops!  Not only are they a smaller and healthier serving size than regular cakes and cupcakes, but you and your family will have a great time rolling the dough, dipping the chocolate and adding fun colors and sprinkles! 

      What better way is there to encourage your kids to eat healthy than to make healthy food fun? These firecracker fruit kabobs are yummy, easy, and fun to make! The best part is that you don’t have to stop after just one! 

      Craving something salty? Try this patriotic popcorn! The combination of flavors and colors will keep you coming back for more throughout the day. 

      Historical Trivia  

      Looking for a little competition? Show what you know with a U.S. history trivia night! You can do this with your own family in teams, or over video call with friends! Make sure to keep track of points and offer a prize for the winners! For the kids, it could be a treat or a toy, or for the grownups, a giftcard to everyone’s favorite restaurant! We like these free trivia questions that are kid friendly, but you can add some more tough ones for the historians in the room! 

      Scavenger Hunt 

      A scavenger hunt is something you can adapt for almost any situation, especially if you have very little ones! Challenge them to an adventure while searching around the house or the neighborhood to find something red, something white, and something blue! Make sure to provide a prize at the end for their hard efforts! This activity is fun both for kids and parents and can be personalized to incorporate your own holiday traditions or objects in your house, but you can also use premade clues like the ones here

      Fourth of July Science Projects 

      The little scientist in your family will love the chance to get messy with these backyard projects! Throw on your gloves, safety goggles, and lab coat and get ready to learn!  If your kids (or really, you parents) aren’t tired of making slime yet, check out this recipe for star spangled slime! Kids love the gooey texture and fun sounds that slime makes, but it is just as much fun pretending to be a mad scientist working to find the perfect slime! 

      If you’re looking for fun with less of a mess, check out these milk fireworks! With just two household ingredients, your kids will get to make their own art project. Simply add different colors/ amounts of food coloring to a pan full of milk and swirl! Kids are fascinated seeing how the colors move and change in the pan. If you won’t have the chance to see any real fireworks this year, you can challenge them to create their own through art!  

      Patriotic Karaoke 

      You don’t have to have a karaoke machine for this one! Pull up YouTube and have a karaoke night and dance party with your family to some July 4th tunes. These are some of our favorites, but there are endless songs to choose from depending on your music taste. 

      • Party in the USA,  Miley Cyrus 
      • Firework, Katy Perry
      • American Boy, Estelle 
      • Made in the USA., Demi Lovato 
      • American Pie, Don McLean 
      To wind down the night, consider gathering the family around the TV for a classic Fourth of July movie. We like these ones which are typically family friendly and super patriotic! However, we recommend checking the ratings and considering the content before showing your children!
      • The Music Man
      • The Sandlot 
      • A League of Their Own
      • National Treasure 
      • Captain America, The First Avenger 
      • Forrest Gump 
      • Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton (Premiering on Disney Plus July 3rd)