Introducing Rafi Nova's Sensory Friendly Mask

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During these troubling times, it is essential for everyone to wear a mask to help keep our communities safe. But for those with sensory sensitivities, mask-wearing can be a challenging task. That is why Rafi Nova and Easterseals, a Southern California-based nonprofit, recognized this need and partnered up to produce the Sensory Friendly Mask

The Sensory Friendly Mask was designed specifically for those with sensory sensitivities, including adults and children with autism. The goal was to conceptualize, design, and test a mask that ensures all individuals can remain protected in public without experiencing any stress or discomfort. That is why every component of the Sensory Friendly Mask is well thought out, tested, and approved by both occupational therapists and focus groups comprised of individuals who would use a sensory-friendly mask. The Rafi Nova and Easterseals teams collaborated to collect feedback throughout the design and testing process to ensure a positive, sensory-friendly experience for all users.The Sensory Friendly Mask trial versions were continually optimized, tested, and adjusted by various doctors, therapists, and children until the final product was made, guaranteeing it to be of the highest quality an comfort! 

The Sensory-Friendly Mask is made with materials and features that prioritize comfort and function. Innovations that make the Sensory Friendly Mask unique from other masks include the following
To ensure the mask's premium softness, each sensory-friendly mask is lined on the inside with 100% Mulberry silk.

  • The breathable cotton outer layer makes it one of the most comfortable masks for a person on the spectrum or a person with sensory sensitivities.
  • With unique construction that includes limited seaming, each Sensory Friendly Mask features a sleek design and exceptional construction to keep the mask away from the mouth.
  • The sensory-friendly mask has an adjustable nose bridge that keeps the mask in place and ensures the perfect fit (also helps decrease glasses fog).
  • Soft, adjustable jersey knit straps around the head, rather than the ears, to avoid irritation and sensory sensitivities. The clasp on the back of the Sensory Friendly Mask ensures ease to take on and off the mask.
  • Plus, each sensory-friendly mask is reusable and machine washable!
If you are looking for the best mask for anyone on the spectrum, a mask for autism, a mask for an autistic person, a mask for an autistic child, or a mask for sensory sensitivities, Rafi Nova's Sensory Friendly Mask has all the features.

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  • Hi,
    I bought Sensory Friendly Mask Little kids 5-8 (from Amazon), but the earloops don’t look like fit very well. How to adjust them for a good fit?

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