Random Acts of Kindness Challenge: 2021 Quarantine Edition!

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Have you ever felt that the news is always bad? In difficult times it is important to stay informed, but nonetheless exhausting and challenging to read only articles that are sad or painful. If you have felt like you are stuck in an endless cycle of bad news and are powerless to change it, you are not alone. Although 2020 was a hard year, we have found solace in appreciating small moments of positivity (we recommend the YouTube spiral of kind pranks and random acts of kindness). 

We are trying to remember that in dark times, it is up to us to create our own light. So.. we came up with a (socially distant) 30 day random acts of kindness challenge!  If you are looking for something positive to cling to, or wanting to spread some joy among those in your community, consider challenging yourself to complete one of these a day. After all, the greatest gift is giving, and what better way to kick off 2021 than with a bit of joy. 

  1. Reach out to someone you know (a neighbor, friend, or family member) you know might be struggling with loneliness or isolation. Send them a letter inviting them to be pen pals, or ask them to schedule a phone/zoom call! 
  2. Handwrite letters to frontline and essential workers, teachers, prisoners, veterans, or patients in a children's hospital. Wish them well during this crisis, and let them know they are not alone
  3. Support local businesses by buying vouchers and gift cards for future use
  4. Next time you go out to eat, leave a bigger tip than usual!  
  5. Make a playlist for someone you love
  6. Bring someone a book you think they would like or benefit from reading, or leave a book in your nearest little free library
  7. Leave quarters in coin vending machines at the store for kids to find and make their day!
  8. Venmo or Paypal someone to buy themselves a small treat, like flowers or a coffee!
  9. Next time you mow your lawn, offer to do your neighbor’s!  
  10. Write someone a list of things you love and appreciate about them
  11. Send someone a care package (Candy, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, A Face Mask, a Candle, Stationary)
  12. Treat someone to a manicure or pedicure!
  13. Leave a compliment on someone’s instagram post!
  14. Leave a friendly sign in your window for your neighbors to see!
  15. Donate to a GoFundme or charity
  16. Next time you wash your car, wash your neighbor’s while you’re at it!
  17. Make a scrapbook for a family member or friends of cherished memories
  18. Make dog toys from old T shirts to donate to a shelter 
  19. Call your neighbors before heading on a grocery run, offer to pick up anything they need!
  20. Donate school supplies to local schools in need  
  21. If you see an expired parking meter, put some change in it!
  22. Leave a cold beverage or small surprise gift in your mailbox for your mail carrier! 
  23. If you see someone suffering homelessness, buy them a meal.  Or, carry around grocery store gift cards, water bottles, or care packages
  24. See if your neighbors need any help with child care or pet care
  25. Leave a thank you note and small gift for your grocery/ food delivery driver! 
  26. Create a “take what you need, leave what you can” container for your neighborhood 
  27. Leave flowers random places, like doorsteps, mailboxes, and car door handles
  28. Tape a few dollars and a note on a vending machine!  
  29. Let people cut in line in front of you at the bathroom or the coffee shop
  30. Donate blood in a blood drive

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  • Why don’t you practice a random act of kindness by giving me my $100 refund for the 10 pack of masks that I returned UNOPENED AND UNUSED. The pack was a messed up bunch of random masks. You are a scam operation.

    Lyndale on

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