6 Electronic Free Road Trip Tips & Games for Kids

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Summer Fun = Summer Road Trips

It’s time to get back out and adventure with your family this summer. Here are 6 great electronic free Road Trip games and tips to keep your kids entertained and happy for the entire ride.

(No need to worry about batteries dying!)

  1. First Off Be Prepared! Before you hit the road, pull together a small activity kit for each player of a notepad and pencil. Get creative and provide extra paper, stickers and colored markers for downtime coloring. 

  2. License Plate Game - This is an oldie but goodie and incredibly fun especially on long trips. Game starts the minute you leave the driveway. To play, see how many different vehicle license plates you and your family can find on your road trip. As you find a license plate, jot it down. At the first rest stop tally up the number of different states. The player with the most states wins. 

  3. Road Trip Bingo - pick up an inexpensive travel bingo board and update before the trip with your own categories. Great for all ages. All the players need to do is pay attention to the passing landscape and find the items on the board. Like regular bingo you can get creative and play the outside square or diagonal only. 

  4. The Alphabet Game (approximately ages 5 and up) This game works best on longer road trips. Find words that start with each letter of the alphabet whether on a truck passing by, a building, a street sign etc. Write them down. The first to get all 26 letters of the alphabet wins. To avoid meltdowns you may want to make Q, X, and Z bonus letters as they often are hard to find. 

  5. Twenty Questions - One person starts and picks a person, place or thing. Then everyone else gets twenty questions to try to figure out what that person is thinking about. It might be difficult for smaller children, but you never know. Sometimes it’s the youngest ones who have the best questions!

  6. Get you and your family into a great series - Books on tape are a phenomenal way to pass the time. Check in with your local library or look into a subscription like Audible where you can search by age appropriate reads. 

Stay tuned all summer long for more tips and tricks from the Rafi Nova team, designed to get you out for everyday adventures with lots of smiles along the way!



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