What To Do This April Vacation

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Spring has sprung and April break is just around the corner. Traveling Here are some ideas on how to spend those few days off with your family and friends brought to you by the Rafi Nova team. 


Take a Walking Adventure

After these two long years, we have all become outdoor walking pros. Whether it be to take a break from the chaos or to get your steps in, going for a walk is a perfect and productive activity to add to your schedule. However, getting the entire family out and moving is easier said than done. 

Instead of taking a 'normal' walk which sounds like a bore or chore to some kiddos, spruce it up and make it walking adventure! You might be asking yourself, what does that even mean? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like.

Step 1: Pick a new location where you and the family have not walked before. It could be a new hiking trail, a reservoir, or simply a new neighborhood. The only requirement is that the location should be new to everyone, so that way it is exciting for both parents and kids. 

Step 2: Bring a sightseeing list. Write down the things you and your family can be on the look out for as you stroll. Tailor the list to how old your children are and what they like to see. It can be as simple as how many rocks did you count, what kind of flowers are growing, or counting the houses. Be creative! An activity such as this is a great way to be present in the moment (bye bye screens!) and awaken the senses. 

Step 3: Engage the family in conversation. Duh! This may sound like a given. But think about it - do you sometimes have conversations with your partner while the kids are talking amongst themselves? We challenge you to include the whole family in one conversation. Don't know what everyone has in common to talk about? Talk about the walk!! 

Don't forget your Oh Sh*t Kit - it will come in handy as your venture into the unknown walking territory.  

Go On A Picnic

One of the best parts of April break is the weather. There are so many more opportunities to spend time outside and enjoy the spring sun. A picnic is the perfect way to make lunch an outdoor adventure.

Not sure what to pack? Here at Rafi Nova we love to use bento box lunch boxes to keep lunch fun and diversify the food options. You could also go with the classic picnic sandwich lunch but put a twist on it! Try new sandwich combos that you don't usually pack with ingredients like nut butter, Nutella, marshmallow fluff, and jams. Maybe go the savory route and try different sandwich wraps with fresh veggies and proteins. To make lunch extra special, have each family member pick out one food item that they want to bring to the picnic with no questions asked.

Bring games and activities with you! Bring the Rafi Nova Mo-On-The-Go to have open-ended play objects and activities that will entertain the kids in endless ways. Pack a game like Twister to play on the grass and get everyone up and moving. 


Need a picnic blanket? The Rafi Nova Everyday Adventure Mat is not only perfect for a picnic, but is great for any outdoor activity! It is a compact travel mat you can take everywhere and pack down to the size of your fists! Store it anywhere to be ready for your next adventure.

Upgrade Your Movie Night

Movie nights are always a go-to in my family. Take your movie night to the next level by following these simple steps. 

Pick out a movie early on during the day that you have wanted to show your kids that they haven't seen. It is a special moment when a parent shares a movie that they loved as a kid with their own. I still remember when my parent's me A League of Their Own and it immediately became one of my favorite! 

Tap into their creative side and make movie theater tickets and posters as an art activity! Break open the crayon box and take out the poster paper. Have the kiddos create their own movie tickets to grant them admission into your at-home theater, flyers out of poster board to advertise the event, and money to trade in for popcorn and drinks.

Transform your living room into your own at-home theater! Make sure to close all the windows and turn the lights off to give it a theater feel. Place fuzzy blankets across the sofa to make it extra comfy and cozy. Pop delicious popcorn and serve it to them as if they are at a concession stand. 

Do the kids get restless during the movies? Avoid whining and more screens by bringing the Rafi Nova Fidget pouch into the theater aka the living room.

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