World Mask Week

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People love holidays. After all, any reason to celebrate is a reason to celebrate! A whole week has now been dedicated to wearing face masks. This might not come as a surprise to you though, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. World Mask Week  is a global initiative that was started by the Pandemic Action Network to inspire more people to wear face coverings. From August 7 - 14, social media challenges are taking over feeds to promote normalization, awareness, and even fun! Many relevant celebrities, politicians and public figures have already joined in to express support for the movement. Particularly, with school and campus reopenings now and continuing into the near future, promoting mask safety is perhaps more important now than ever before. This week, be sure to post a selfie or a photo of you wearing your favorite Rafi Nova Mask with the hashtags #worldmaskweek and #wearamask

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