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Standing on the frontlines this year - and every year - there are countless teachers who make a habit of going the extra mile to ensure our children are able to make the most out of their learning journey. This year, it’s a first for many to have “face masks” on their essential school supplies list. 

This August, we wanted to do something fun to thank educators across the country by offering the opportunity for a handful of teachers to win Rafi Nova Smile + children’s masks for their entire classroom in our #WhyITeach giveaway. 

We’re inviting teachers and friends of teachers to visit @rafinova_go on Instagram, and follow a few quick instructions to enter a special teacher for a chance to win! Simply:

  1. 💚Like this Post.
  2. 😷Follow @RafiNova_go On Instagram.
  3. 👩‍🏫Tag a teacher in the comments! 

We hope a fun giveaway like this can help safely support our educators and students as they head back to school this autumn. We appreciate all that the men and women in front of the “blackboard” do to help us usher in a new generation of open-hearted, open-minded world travelers. 

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