20 Things We are Looking Forward To (When Life Returns to Normal) 

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Although the finish line isn’t quite in sight yet, we wanted to practice gratitude by thinking of everything there is to look forward to once the pandemic is over and we can resume the ‘new normal’. Though times are dark right now, we have a lot of light, joy and support to look forward to on the other side. We are grateful that this pandemic is temporary, and one day we will be able to pick up where we left off. In the meantime, we are grateful for some of the unplanned free time we have had and the lessons we have learned from this experience. 

  1. Finally using the vouchers we received for cancelled flights and hotels to rebook and travel  
  2. Taking our kids on a non-virtual playdate with their friends 
  3. Smiling a wide toothy grin at every single stranger we see on the street (just because we finally can) 
  4. Relieving the stress of quarantine by screaming our heads off on a rollercoaster  
  5. Hugging every single person we love and have missed. Over and over again. 
  6. Banging our heads at a rock concert to feel young and wild 
  7. Spending an obnoxiously long time inside our favorite local coffee shop 
  8. Rooting for the home team with the kids at a live sports game
  9. Searching through every single item we find at a flea market 
  10. Going for a long walk on the beach (mask free) 
  11. Hiring a babysitter to (finally) enjoy a romantic evening away 
  12. Getting our hair and nails done, without having to plan it a week in advance
  13. Socializing with strangers at bars and restaurants 
  14. Working off the quarantine-15 in our favorite barre, dance, and cycling classes 
  15. Running errands as a chore again and not our sole reason to leave the house 
  16. Attending religious services in person 
  17. Changing out of our sweatpants and getting dressed up in our favorite outfits 
  18. Attempting to put on makeup again after four months of going barefaced 
  19. Doing something interesting to do to share on social media 
  20. Telling everyone about the new hobbies we started in quarantine 

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