Rafi Nova’s Smile Mask Highlights the Importance of Smiling

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The universal sign of happiness, scientists say that smiling can boost both your mood and your immune system.  They also say that smiling is contagious, but only if your smiles can be seen.

Understanding the importance of the smile, Rafi Nova created the Smile Mask, a revolutionary, clear face mask for kids and adults. The Smile Mask has a clear panel in front to stop the spread of germs without concealing the mouth, and mainly, your smile! Rafi Nova's adult clear face maskand kids clear face maskprovide the ability to showcase the powerful expression of a smile while wearing a mask.


Rafi Nova highlights the top four reasons it's important to make a concerted effort to smile throughout your day:


  1. Become More Attractive Instantly with a Smile

People who smile naturally draw in other humans, as there is a link between the act of smiling to real physical attraction. Conversely, more severe or damaging facial expressions like frowns, scowls, and grimaces work effectively at pushing people away. Using the power of your smile to draw people in is vital in expressive, non-verbal communication.


  1. Elevate Your Mood with a Smile

Try putting on a smiling face the next time you are feeling depressed or down. The chances are that your mood improves significantly when you crack a smile! Just this simple act of a smile can trick the body and help you elevate your mood due to the activation of neural messaging to your brain through smiling. Smiling becomes a natural anti-depressant by triggering the release of neuropeptides in addition to mood-boosting neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.


  1. Watch Out for That Highly Contagious Smile

We all know the saying that describes how a person has a ‘smile that brightens up a room.’ There is a morsel of truth behind this beautiful sentiment towards someone as it has been scientifically proventhat smiles are contagious. The power of a smile not only elevates your mood but also has the ability to affect and change the moods of people and the environment around you.


  1. A Smile Can Boost Your Immune System

One way to help your immune system to function more effectively is through the act of smiling. Just one smile can also boost your overall health. When you smile, it improves the immune function because you are more relaxed due to certain neurotransmitters release.


It’s incredible how a simple smile has so many positive effects on not only you but everyone you come in contact with every day! Be able to harness that fantastic gift and power of a smile while protecting yourself with Rafi Nova’s best-selling clear face mask, the Smile Mask. Designed by a speech-language pathologistwith the needs of members of the hard of hearing and the deaf community in mind, the Smile Mask’s innovative transparent panelovercomes the limitations that traditional masks pose in non-verbal communication. Each clear face mask is made with flexible adjustable straps or adjustable ear loops making it a top-rated clear face mask for kids and adults. Available in adult and kid sizes with a variety of colors and patterns, the adult Smile Mask is the top mask for teachers, and the kids clear face mask is sized and specifically made for children ages 4-and-up. See for yourself and share your smile with Rafi Nova’s top clear face mask. Shop the Smile Masktoday!

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