Shopping & Saving this Holiday Season

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Shopping and Saving This Holiday Season 

By Elena Allison 

If you haven’t done any online shopping since the beginning of the pandemic.. Congratulations, you’re doing better than the rest of us! But if you have a holiday coming up, odds are, you have started to think a little bit about how gift giving and receiving is going to look in the time of COVID -19. The Holiday Season already can raise stress and anxiety levels. Fighting with big crowds, coping with financial stress, making returns, and struggling to find the perfect gift can all cause frustrations during a time that is supposed to be filled with joy and relaxation. The stress of 2020 and the current global health situation can undoubtedly add to this stress if not planned for and properly managed. Today, we are sharing some ideas to help mitigate some of the chaos that is the holiday season. With a little bit of planning and advanced preparation, you’ll be able to take on the holidays like a pro! 

Shopping Will Start Earlier

One thing we can all expect is for the shopping rush to start a bit earlier this year in an effort to avoid holiday crowds like those on Black Friday. Even though it might feel like a bit of annoyance to already have to start thinking about gifts, this might actually have some perks to it! For example, sales will probably start earlier and last longer! That means you won’t have to make your purchases right away, and prices might keep dropping closer to the holiday! 

Most Shopping Will Probably Move Online 

With stores limiting capacity and some states beginning to implement lockdowns once again, it is almost a guarantee that this holiday season will involve many more online purchases. Because of this, stores may even be stocking fewer items and instead redirecting customers to their websites! If you want to avoid bigger crowds as a safety measure, consider taking a peak online for the perfect gift! We love websites like Etsy, society6, Redbubble and Storenvy for supporting local and independent artists! 

Expect Shipping Delays 

If you can, it is probably best to go ahead and begin your shopping in order to have a wide safety net for delivery. With the expected increase in online purchases, it is possible that shipping carriers and the post office will be overwhelmed with packages. To make sure your delivery makes it to the right place at the right time, make sure you mail presents well in advance of your holiday, and ask for a tracking number! 

Spending Less On Gifts May Be The Norm This Year 

This year, the reality is that many people may have tighter budgets. If you do a regular gift exchange with family or friends, it might be a good idea to have a realistic conversation with them about what a realistic amount to spend is. No one wants friends and family to feel obligated to spend money on gifts, so even if you don’t know someone’s financial situation, it might not hurt to bring this topic up gently. This may clear the air of any tensions surrounding gift giving this holiday season. One benefit from the current situation is that a lack of presents may force us all to take a closer look at the real purpose of the holidays: love, family and togetherness. 

What are your plans for the holidays this year? If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift, check out our Rafi Nova Gift Guide

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