Rafi Nova’s New Doll Masks

Posted by Elena Allison on

The American Girl Doll company represents the values most important to Americans, like honesty, compassion, and courage, and reflects how those have remained constant over time. With the goal of instilling confidence and self esteem in young girls and teaching them historical lessons, American Girl doll has been a trusted partner of parents and a favorite for play among children for over 30 years. 

2020’s American Girl Doll Girl of the Year, Joss Kendrick, is a surfer/ cheerleader who was born with partial hearing loss and wears a hearing aid. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's how important inclusivity is. We are amazed by American Girl’s continuous dedication to championing empowerment for girls, and we are so excited to release our newest Rafi Nova Doll Masks! There is perhaps no better way to help your children be excited about wearing their masks than for them to have a friend (or, a small version of themselves) wearing the same one! 

How are you inspiring your children to dream big this holiday season? What accessories do you want to see next from Rafi Nova? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  • Do they make the doll masks with the emoji patterns? The grand kiddos love theirs and I’m sure would love matching ones for their American girl dolls.

    Greg Cacciatore on
  • Such a cute idea! My kids will be much likelier to wear them if their ‘friends’ all do

    Mallory Stepp on
  • A must have for my daughters this Christmas!

    Cara S. on

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