How to Practice Self Care During the Holidays

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The holidays are a time that should be filled with comfort, joy, and happiness. But too often, before we reach that point, we face a lot of stress. Planning for meals, worship services, holiday cards to send to family, gifts, and even outfits for the kids can all add up to be a bit too much to handle. And, if you’re a perfectionist like so many of us are, sometimes we focus on the details so much we end up missing out on the larger picture. This year in particular, the impact of the usual holiday stressors could be amplified by the difficulties of this year as a whole. Many of the main aspects of the holidays, like gift giving, gathering with family, and traveling have all changed dramatically. That is why we are making room in our schedules to practice self care, and why we are challenging you to protect the “me” in “merry”. Here are some of our favorite self care tips to help make sure you actually take a break during your break. 

1. Schedule Time For Yourself 

Sometimes, when we expect to be lounging around the fireplace, we end up having to run around checking things off our to do list. With so many things to get done before you’re ready for the holiday, it can be nearly impossible to find a stopping point. Therefore, it’s extra crucial to schedule in time to take breaks to care for yourself. Whether you’re passionate about journaling, reading, or meditating, make sure you schedule some room for this daily. Even if it can’t be at your regular, most optimal time due to your planned activities, or as long as you’d want it to be, stopping to take just a quick breather can help you reset and refocus. 

2.  Keep Exercise a Priority 

With the weather getting colder and many gyms remaining closed, it might be growing increasingly difficult to find a physical outlet for stress. But even the smallest amount of exercise could do a great deal to lift your energy and mood. Make it a priority to take a lap around your neighborhood at least once a day, or try a quick home YouTube workout! This may help with your feelings of being cooped up in the house, and provide a bit of well deserved “me time”. 

3. Protect Your Sleep 

If you’ve woken up early in the morning to your kids pounding on the door asking about presents, you likely know how important it is to protect your sleep around the holidays. Due to traveling or hosting guests, your regular eight hours might face some disturbance. Whenever possible, head to bed early so those early mornings and late nights don’t take too much of a toll on you! 

4. Have Healthy Holidays 

If you’re like many of us, your holiday food is full of lots of carbs and desserts. Don’t get us wrong, that's absolutely fine and partly what the holidays are all about! Treat yourself! But before you end up eating only leftovers for an entire week straight, consider adding a few healthier dishes to the menu! This can help to protect your body from holiday fatigue and help keep you up and motivated. 


5. Put Some Pampering on Your Wishlist

Not sure what to ask your friends and family for, or what to gift to yourself? Why not invest in an at home spa day? Splurge on that new face mask you keep hearing about, or that overprced facial serum that your bestie swore is life changing. You earned it, mama! 

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