Thank You to our Postal Workers

Posted by Elena Allison on

Saying thank you is not enough. It never will be. 

This year, we realized an entirely new meaning to the term “essential worker”. And we realized how under appreciated our most essential workers actually are. 

We all owe an apology. We underestimate the time, dedication and ambition it takes. We become too easily frustrated over accidents that are so often inconsequential for us. We misunderstand the system, and we take your health and safety for granted. We know that the current online shopping surge has made your job all the more difficult and risky. Without your services, we would not be able to stay in business to deliver masks to those in need. We wouldn’t be able to feel connected to our families by exchanging gifts from a distance this holiday season. We wouldn’t have felt confident sending in our absentee ballots for the recent election. 

This year has been an eye opener for us in so many ways. We promise that instead of becoming easily frustrated if our packages arrive unexpectedly late, we will look to see the greater picture. We will go out of our way to say thank you, and show more acknowledgement for the hard work you do and the risks you take. Not everything can run smoothly all the time, and mistakes will happen when there is often no one to blame. We hope that this message is spread abundantly with the goal of creating more patience and gratitude towards our postal workers this holiday season.

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  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Daisy Calvinson on
  • As a postal worker this post was very touching. It is nice to be supported by a brand I support!

    Ryan Y on

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