Mo-On-The-Go Beach Kit

Creativity and open-ended style activities designed for imaginative play at the beach.

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What's in the kit?

Collapsable Bucket

The perfect beach pail. Can be used as 3 different sizes. Fill with water, sand, or seashells. Folds flat so it’s easy to pack and carry!

Mesh Beach Tote

Fill up the easy-drain-bag with shells and other beach treasures and store the rest of the MOTG items in it when not in use.

Mini Bucket

Use it to pour sprinkles of water, put those finishing touches on a sandcastle or organize little shells.

Squeeze Bottle

Say goodbye to those long hauls to fill up buckets of water that last 2 seconds. With this squeeze bottle, little ones are able to fill it up themselves and will delight in writing, drawing and creating temporary art in the sand.


Wet sand shoveling has just leveled up. Make ice cream scoops of sand or round components of a sand castle.


Flatten out sand, driftwood, and those unruly shells. Can even be used for digging.

Treasure Stones

X marks the spot. Bury and find. Put in a bucket of water and scoop out with the scooper.


Waterfalls and rain…use this strainer for unique water patterns and sift sand.

Animal Suction Toys

Unlike other figurines, these can stand up in the sand easily with their webbed feet enhancing the pretend play experience.

Metal Bowl

Fill with water or sand or set up a mini water table. Flip it over and start a beach band while clanging other items on it!

Who we partnered with

Union Square Play, co-founded by Anthony Rudolf, Sandra Di Capua, and Jennie Monness, offers engaging classes in NYC and a supportive online and offline parenting community.  Union Square Play believes that community and thoughtful engagement are critical to kids and parents thriving. Jennie Monness studied Psychology in Education and received her Master’s Degree from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Marissa x Jennie

Combined with Jennie's background in early childhood education and creative approach to open-ended activities, and Marissa's background in product design and experience of being "on-the-go" with her two sets of twins, the two came up with the original Mo-On-The-Go Kit. After a great response and many requests the two tackled creating a kit perfect for beach activities!

Take beach fun to the next level

Endless Hours of Creativity

Open ended activities made for your next beach trip

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Frequently Asked Questions

As with any beach toys, give everything a good rinse with freshwater to remove sand and salt water after use for the day to keep items in their best condition. *Tip: put all the contents in the mesh bag and spray them all off and hang it up to dry!

Everything fits in the tote except the collapsible bucket but we've included a handy strap to attach it to make it easy for your little ones to carry.

Of course! Get creative and have fun.