We Stand in Solidarity

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We founded Rafi Nova to unite communities around the world and bring people closer together. That commitment to inclusion now holds true in our own backyard and our own communities. We are united. We are together. We care. We want to make sure that everyone is not only protected from COVID-19, but also from racism and from violence. We have provided masks to anyone who needed one to protect people, not to prevent people from being seen and heard. 

Rafi Nova will never be silent on issues of hate. We raise our voice with yours in spreading love, compassion, kindness, respect, and mutual understanding. Every community’s voice must be heard. 

Rafi Nova is doing the following immediately:

  1. We’ve designed a set of masks with messages of solidarity, equality and justice.  100% of the proceeds from these masks will be donated to the ACLU and NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Education Fund.  You can purchase the masks here.
  2. To give communities back their voices, Rafi Nova is giving away masks that are white on one side, black on the other. These masks can be customized with the messages and designs communities desire to communicate, hopefully with values of unity, care, and compassion. Listening and respecting these messages is the way we heal and move forward together, united in the belief that our similarities unite us far more than our differences divide us.
  3. We will create an internal committee focused on diversity, inclusion & equality as it pertains to every part of our business.

Mask your Face, Not your Voice. Raise it to Unite, Together We Rise.

With love and respect,

Marissa & Adam Goldstein
Co-Founders of Rafi Nova

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