Helping Kids to Keep Their Masks On

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Even for the most dedicated among us, it can be difficult to keep a face mask on at all times when in public spaces. And for our kids, who may not fully understand the necessity and importance of wearing a face covering, it is even more of a challenge. Whether they feel itchy, hot, or just simply uncomfortable, even the most well behaved children are fighting off temptation to take off their masks. With summer rapidly approaching, and our stay at home plans changing to potentially include summer camps, outdoor playdates, and possibly heading back to school, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to help your children help fight the spread.

  1. Buy them a mask that is fun! Wearing a face covering doesn’t have to be boring. ​Rafi Nova ​has a collection of kids masks available in several patterns for children. Whether they like unicorns, elephants, or bunnies, they will be excited to wear these masks and keep them on for the day.

  2. Make sure their mask fits them properly! They are more likely to take their mask off if they feel uncomfortable. Rafi Nova’s masks are available in several different shapes and sizes, so they will forget they are even wearing it!

  3. Be an example. Show them that mommy or daddy are wearing a mask and they can be twins. Many kids like to match their parents (at least ours do!).

  4. Practice. Help them get used to their masks by wearing them at home for short amounts of time. Teach them how to put them on and off (by holding the ear straps and not touching the mouth covering) and explain the importance of wearing them.

  5. Let them customize their masks! Turn wearing a mask into an arts and craft project. Maybe put a sticker on it or let them draw on it. Whatever makes them happy. Rafi Nova sells DIY masks that are perfect for a bit of personalization.

  6. What child doesn’t love a challenge? Make a game out of it: “I bet you can’t keep your mask on the whole time you are at the park.” Maybe offer them a prize for a job well done!

  7. When all else fails, bribe them with something they love (a candy, ice cream, a small present. You name it!)

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