Rafi Nova Releases Most Versatile Mask Yet

Posted by Marissa Goldstein on

At Rafi Nova, we are dedicated to developing masks that meet the needs of all of the different members of our community. This includes adjusting our masks to suit different activities, different sizes, different seasons, and even different fashion preferences. In addition to providing the perfect mask for anyone, we are constantly striving to make our masks even more effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce our antimicrobial Element Mask! Arriving just in time for your back to school shopping, the Element Mask may be the best thing you need on your list. 

Designed with a medical-grade nano silver infused fiber called Aerosilver, which is known to eliminate certain germs and odors upon contact, The Element Mask may be our most protective mask yet. Its sweat wicking properties move fluids away from the body onto the outer layer of fabric, thereby increasing performance and endurance. 

Aerosilver creates a lightweight fabric that is perfect for the hot summer. Its adjustable ear loops and nose closure make it the perfect fit for all different face sizes and prevent air from escaping. The airy and breathable fabric provides comfort for a long day of wear. Even those who wear glasses will not experience any fogging! Additionally, the Element Mask offers UV protection from the sun where it is worn, making it an excellent choice for a jog or any other outdoor activities. 

Like all of Rafi Nova’s masks, it is eco friendly and economical as it is reusable. It is easily washable by hand and is best left to air dry out of direct sunlight. 

If you or someone in your family is planning on returning to school or work in the near future, or otherwise looking for a high quality and versatile mask, The Element Mask is now available on the Rafi Nova website. 

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