Rafi Nova Loves Teachers

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That's right. You heard it here! 

At the very core of our business is our children. Behind our mission, purpose, and even our company name are the two sets of twins that inspire everything we do. Because we want only the best for them, as all parents do, we feel so fortunate to have had so many talented educators in their lives. Even with school and summer camps having been postponed this year, our kids' natural curiosities and desires for knowledge have not gone away. Sometimes we find ourselves completely astonished by both the simple and complex questions they have, and trip over our words trying to give them the best answer possible. Teachers make it look so effortless. Teachers do it with so much patience. They make such an important job look so easy, even though we know it never is. With a difficult job being made so much harder by the circumstances, Rafi Nova wants to give back to those who give so much. Rafi Nova will be offering our Smile Mask and our Everyday Essentials Mask in an exclusive discounted teacher’s bundle for only $15 to get you ready for your return to the classroom. 

The Smile Mask offers all the protection of a traditional cloth mask, but does not stop you from sharing your smile with the world. Designed originally for the deaf and hard of hearing by Speech Language Pathologist, Olivia Gampel the Smile Mask features a transparent plastic insert over the mouth that allows others to see your lips. It also has an adjustable nose and straps that tie behind the head that allow it to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Teachers rely on many different forms of communication to interact with students. Understanding facial expressions is a crucial part of the learning process, especially for young children. We want to outfit all teachers with a mask that protects them and their students while also encouraging one of the most basic forms of human interaction. Our bestselling Everyday Essentials mask is designed with three layers of lightweight cotton and soft, adjustable ear straps. It is perfect for any outdoor activities or a long day of wear. 

All of Rafi Nova’s are made to be hand washed and air dried. As always, for each purchase, we will be donating a mask to frontline workers and communities in need. Rafi Nova is a fair trade and ethical company. 

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