#DoYourPart In Preventing A Second Wave

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Research has shown that widespread mask usage can prevent the spread of COVID-19 as much as or more so than social distancing and hand hygiene. Universal mask wearing could be the answer to the issue of a second wave as reopening begins.

With no vaccine in the near future and states beginning to reopen, social distancing and frequent hand washing are not enough to keep the virus from spreading exponentially. At the current growth rate, even just one case is projected to lead to over a million cases in two months if no preventative measures are taken. While the exact percentage of asymptomatic cases is unknown, studies suggest that 20-80% of cases never show symptoms. For those who are symptomatic, it usually takes four to six days before the symptoms show. 

Reopening does not mean that life resumes back to normal; if anything, it is important to be even more vigilant. Researchers have been tirelessly seeking solutions for reducing the spread of the virus and preventing a second wave. Recent studies supported findings that wearing masks reduces the spread of the virus. Furthermore, these studies show that mass use of masks drops the growth rate low enough to avoid a significant second wave.

In the summer heat, it may be tempting to forgo a mask, especially if you see others not wearing masks. However, studies show that even if only half of people wore a mask, the virus growth rate would drop significantly, resulting in hundreds of thousands of less cases and saving thousands of lives. 

Our Everyday Elevated, Summer Tie-Behind, and Summer Performance Masks are lightweight and made to keep you comfortable as you protect yourself and those around you. The Everyday Elevated and Summer Tie-Behind feature a built-in filter and removable filter pocket, which the Summer Performance Mask features a built-in filter layer and adjustable ear toggles for a perfect fit. 

Wear a mask and encourage those in your community to wear masks as well. It’s not just for you, it’s for all of those around you. Please, do your part and wear a mask!

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