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We’ve never been the type of family to turn down an adventure - after all, what could be more adventurous than raising two sets of twins? But, as we embrace our new normal, adventure looks a bit different right now and it probably will for some time.

Traveling for us is essential. We work with different communities and cultures across the world to ethically source fabrics used in Rafi Nova fashions. Because travel has been restricted and even canceled in some cases, we decided that right now we’ve been gifted the opportunity to connect with our fellow travelers in a whole new way: meet our Rafi Nova Adventure Society.

We wanted to build a place that’s about so much more than a retail space. We want to connect with families like ours who find peace in all parts of the world, traveling together, and who seek to share the best and most trying times during life’s many journeys.

Rafi Nova Adventure Society is a private group on Facebook where members can share inspiring articles, ask questions about upcoming trips, or just vent about a particularly trying “dinner out” with the kids! 

Sure - membership comes with perks. We’ll be sharing some special sales there that are only for our Rafi Nova Adventure Society Members… and you’ll probably even get a sneak preview of special releases! But, we’re not there to sell you anything. We want to get to know more about you and what’s moving you (or, rather, keeping you put for now!) 

We invite you to share this community with like minded friends and be a part of the conversation! As we venture into the new school year, start planning the beautiful chaos of the holiday season, and ready ourselves for whatever 2021 throws our way, we need each other now more than ever!

Get to know us, Adam & Marissa, and a select group of our special moderators and stop by daily! 

Click right here to visit the Rafi Nova Adventure Society, and start your trip!

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