How to stay SANE when Road Tripping with Kids

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How to stay SANE when Road Tripping with Kids

Did you know that our founders recently returned from a 2800 mile, 4-week Road Trip with their two sets of twins ages 5, and 3? Yes you read that right… 2800 miles, and more than 2800 minutes in the car with four littles under the age 6. Some may think that this was a sure sign that Covid had taken its toll, while others simply may assume they lost their minds. The greatest part of their adventure is that they loved it so much, after a few days of being back at home base, they were already planning their next trip. 

As a road trip wary parent, I asked Marissa to break down the trip and give me the secret formula that has her yearning for more time in the car with 6 people! With the Memorial Weekend holiday just a week away here are Marissa’s top 10 tips for Staying Sane when Road Tripping with Kids. 

  1. Prepare Road Trip Goodie Bags - Coloring books, small toys, and other fun activities are a must have, especially when the tablet battery dies. Have a longer trip, pack up mini kits in bags labeled with your child’s name on it. Surprise them every couple of hours with a bag and let the fun begin. 
  2. Don’t Over Plan - Playing things by ear can bring some fun and unexpected surprises. Take the off-the-beaten-path route and explore for a bit. Think about places you want to stop at but leave time along the way to be spontaneous. Some of your favorite finds show up in the most unexpected of places. 
  3. Hands-Free is the Name of the Game - Get yourself a good backpack and load it up for the day. We are 100% biased and love our Voyager Backpacks. Pack it up with your most needed essentials and situate it last when packing, for easy access. The entire Rafi Team swears by our Around the World Belt Bag as it is the perfect road stop solution that holds your phone, credit cards, kids stuff and any other essentials you need to make rest stop visits that much easier. 
  4. Potty Time - Let’s be honest. The long stretch of road between destinations often leaves potty breaks to the imagination. The Goldsteins swear by this  2 in 1 Portable potty. As Marissa said flat out, it’s a game changer!
  5. Get Creative - a pack of washable markers and a window seat and bam, your little one is busy for hours, or even a few extra minutes. Let them color to their heart’s content on the window. Grab a wipe and voila, all clean and ready for the next creative spell. 
  6. Mission Control - repurpose a suction sink caddy to hold kid’s art supplies while corralling their  fave little items. Suctions right to the car window.
  7. Use the iExit App - Plug in your location and vett out all the best stops including restaurants, parks, gas stations and more. Our favorite tip - find a great playground for a picnic and to get the sillies out before the next leg of the trip. 
  8. It’s a Doggie Dog World - Yup, we are talking about doggie poop bags. If they are good enough for dog poo, then they certainly will hold up to the messes and accidents that happen with little ones. Great for soiled clothes, car sick moments and for trash pick up at the end of the day. Stay tuned, as we have big plans in the future for these great little bags. 
  9. Drive at Night - The kids will be fast asleep and there will be a lot less traffic. 
  10. Sometimes you just gotta breathe - Kids, like grown-ups sometimes need to recalibrate. Here’s a great breathing exercise to help regulate stress and get everyone back on track. Remember it’s not about the destination. Enjoy the journey. Grab a good old fashioned pinwheel. Kids can practice breathing out slowly or more quickly, using the speed of the pinwheel as a measure. Then they can figure out which way works and feels best for them.

At Rafi Nova we are all about getting out for Everyday Adventure. Whether big or small, near or far, now more than ever it is important for us to get out together as families, with friends and communities. We are on a mission to bring families together while providing products and content to get you out for everyday adventures.

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