A Letter to Our Children About Being "Stuck" Home

Posted by Marissa Goldstein on

Dear kids,

You won’t remember these days the same way as we, adults, do.

You won’t remember being cooped up in the house.

You won’t remember not being able to have play dates.

You won’t remember mom and dad scrambling to come up with activities to do besides watching TV.

You won’t remember how stressed mom and dad were as they tried to balance work and taking care of you.

You won’t remember your mom being worried about what will happen if she runs out of milk and eggs for you.

You won’t remember all of the financial stress your parents felt as they saw the economy on it’s way to collapse.

You won’t remember how scared your mom and dad were that they may get and spread the virus to the most vulnerable, including your favorite grandparents.

No, you won’t remember any of this…

You will remember how much time you got to spend with mom, dad and siblings in the house and all of the family fun, snuggle parties and love.

You will remember all of the creative games and shows you came up with and how you utilized all of your toys.

You will remember learning new skills.

You will remember spending time in nature.

You will remember finding new ways to connect with people.
You will remember being kind and the kindness of others.

You will remember staying in your PJ’s till noon and eating all of your favorite foods.

You will remember FaceTiming with your grandparents and aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, on a daily basis, seeing more of them than you usually do and taking turns “pushing the red button”.

You will remember how much love you felt when no one from the outside world was allowed into your home.

Remember: this too shall pass.  We need to keep a positive attitude and appreciate the silver lining that comes from this time of social isolation.

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