Rafi Reps: Cindy Solomon

What is your name?

Cindy Solomon


Where do you live?


Tell us about yourself!

I am 32, a wife, and a busy momma of 3 boys. I come from a huge family of 11 (I am 10 of 11). Born and raised in California but am so proud of my roots. Currently living in Arizona, I enjoy small hikes and exploring around my state. Since the kiddos keep me on my toes, laying by the pool is currently my favorite thing to do.


How did you hear about Rafi Nova?

I was scrolling through Instagram a few years back and noticed the beautiful patterns of the Rafi Nova. Something that really brought me back to my roots. I started following Rafi nova account because I loved the reminder of where I came from.


Do your kids have a favorite Rafi Nova product?

My boys love the face masks. They won’t wear any other ones because the Rafi Nova is way comfortable.


Do you have a favorite Rafi Nova product?

This is a hard one. I love my voyager backpack. But the Runway Crossbody gets compliments. Also the face masks are a hit in my family.



What are your favorite family adventures to do as a family?

Living in Arizona, it’s hard to pick just one. But hiking and exploring our state is probably our favorite. It never gets old to us. But soccer practices and games are adventures in itself.

Where do you want to travel next?
If I am being honest I’d probably go back to Thailand and make my way to Laos. Take my boys to the Hmong village and teach them about their roots and dig deeper into mine.

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