Rafi Rep: Sydney Roos

What is your name?

Sydney Roos

What is your social media handle?


Where are you from?

Baltimore, MD

Tell us about yourself!

I am a military spouse, nurse and mom! My family loves to travel and go on hikes! We try to spend each weekend finding a new outdoor oasis! When I am not spending time with family or outdoors, I am taking care of ICU patients!

Do you have any kids?

Yes! One!

How did you hear about Rafi Nova?

Through a friend!

What is your favorite Rafi Nova Product?

I love the journey collection, specifically the backpack! I use it with the diaper mat daily!
What is your favorite part of Rafi Nova?
The innovation and kind moral values!
What are your family's favorite adventures?
We love anywhere we can get a change of scenery and typically look for mountain fun in the fall and winter and beach excursions in the spring and summer.
What is your favorite place you have traveled?
Where do you want to travel next?


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