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        Marissa Goldstein of Rafi Nova, whose Smile Mask is constructed with a clear rectangular panel at the center, was compelled to launch the product after a clinical speech pathologist pointed out how traditional masks raise a barrier to lip-reading and visual cues. “We jointly designed a clear face covering to ‘unmask’ masked communication with the deaf and hard of hearing community,” Goldstein said.

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        Smile Masks Help Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Communicate While Reducing COVID-19 Transmission

        Even if you don’t personally know someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, Gampel says the Smile Mask can prepare you for daily encounters with people who have an extra hard time communicating when almost everyone is wearing face covering.

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        'Millicent Simmonds' Clear Mask Increases Accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

        In partnership with the brand Rafi Nova, Millicent helped create the “Millie Smile Mask,” a mask with a clear insert allowing you to see people's mouths. The clear plastic means deaf and hard of hearing people can lip read while everyone stays safe by keeping their masks on, making the public health necessity of mask-wearing more accessible.

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        Face Masks That Don't Suck and Where to Buy Them

        You've probably discovered that it isn't easy finding a mask that provides proper protection, fits well, is comfortable, and is actually a design you'd wear.

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        'A Quiet Place' actress creates masks for hearing-impaired

        Rafi Nova reached out to me to make a clear mask and I thought it was good timing. They saw a problem in the deaf and hard of hearing community and wanted to come up with a solution.

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        The Best Face Masks for Young Kids

        Designed by a Speech-Language Pathologist for the hard of hearing community, the “Smile” mask lets your child’s smile be seen even when wearing their mask! It’s also an excellent option for children in speech therapy. Choose between ear loops or tie-behind straps. (It might be worth buying their anti-fog spray too.)

        We Need Entrepreneurial Leaders Now More Than Ever

        Zamarin isn’t the only entrepreneurial leader who has responded nimbly and rapidly to the unprecedented constraints and opportunities created by the coronavirus pandemic. Vacuum company Dyson invented a new type of ventilator, while Bauer switching from producing hockey gear to making personal protective equipment. Numerous textile companies, such as bag startup Rafi Nova, pivoted to making masks for consumers.

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        Time to Master Your Smize

        Despite what we may think, people are probably getting the idea that we’re smiling at them. That said, if this is all proving too complicated for you (as it is for me), might I suggest you simply go the clear-mask route.

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        Protect Yourself with These Stylish Face Masks

        These colorful masks have three layers: the outer layer features Rafi Nova's signature handmade upcycled Hmong and Thai textiles, and the two other layers are made of 100% cotton. These masks are one size, should be washed on a gentle cycle, and air-dried. For any purchase from this limited-edition collection, the brand will donate five performance masks to frontline workers.

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        Covid-19 FAQs: Where to Find Stylish Wedding Face Masks

        The Rafi Nova Smile Mask has been designed for those with speech and hearing impediments in mind. The clear panel on the front allows for visible communication and the ear straps on the tie-behind version comfortably accommodate hearing aids or cochlear implants.

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        'A Quiet Place Part II' actor designed a mask for the hearing-impaired

        Most notably, award-winning actor Millicent Simmonds ("A Quiet Place," "Wonderstruck" and the upcoming "A Quiet Place Part II") has teamed up with fair-trade mask maker Rafi Nova to design the "Millie Smile Mask." The mask features a wide, transparent panel for lipreading, and a floral pattern taken from a painting Ms. Simmonds made for her mother. The tag is emblazoned with the actor's signature.

        Seattle Pi

        My San Antonio

        Houston Chronicle

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        The Year We Stopped Dressing Up

        In the past six months I have bought a sweater, a pair of sweatpants and 15 different facemasks (Rafi Nova are my favorites). That's it!

        "Rafi Nova are my favorites"
        People Magazine's Editor Chief Dan Wakefield on facemasks  

        The Best Clear Face Masks

        With a transparent BPA-free plastic panel, these reusable masks were designed with the needs of members of the hard of hearing and deaf community in mind. Flexible adjustable straps accommodate hearing aids or cochlear implants. Due to high demand, the Smile Mask is expected to ship about a week after ordering.

        The Best Face Masks for Everyone

        The Best Clear Face Masks

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