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Rafi Nova was founded with the hope that we could inspire families to get out and adventure. However, this has proven to be challenging with current health concerns and stay at home orders. Our family (along with many others) has been cooped up since the middle of March, so this weekend we decided to pack up our masks and have our first overnight trip with the kids since Covid-19.

We decided to go camping in New Hampshire, and since it was our first time camping, we decided to forego a tent and rent a cabin to stay in. See below for some of the things we did and things we learned after traveling with 4 kids during coronavirus.

  • Always pack light! This may seem obvious, but having too many things can weigh you down, even if you’re driving like we were. 
  • Wear your mask! We inevitably had to stop for gas during our trip, and when we did Adam made sure to always have his mask on when he stepped out of the car. Even if others aren’t wearing one, we always wear ours because we know how easy and effective they can be in stopping the spread. 
  • Bring your own Lysol spray and wipes! Like I mentioned, we rented a cabin, so the first thing I did when we arrived was to spray everything down. I focused especially on handles and surfaces that I knew the kids would be touching frequently. Even though we knew that the cabin was responsibly cleaned, this made us all feel safer.
  • Bring your own linens! Having packed our own sheets and towels was a total game changer. It made us all feel much more comfortable, and it was surprisingly easy to pack them up and wash them before and after our trip. 
  • Plan for activities! We knew we would be spending lots of time outdoors during this trip, so I made sure to come prepared. We brought things to go hiking; like shoes, long pants, sunscreen, etc. 
  • Bring a few extras! We were able to stay pretty isolated from others during our trip, but we made sure we always had enough masks for ourselves along with a few extras on hand. This way, if we ever came in close contact, we were each able to wear our masks, and hand out extras for anyone who needed them (from a responsible 6 foot distance)!

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