Road Trip Safely During COVID-19

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At Rafi Nova, our goal is to build a community of families who seek adventure -- from the ordinary to extraordinary. If you’re like us, you may be asking yourself: what adventures are possible during the COVID-19 pandemic? Our answer: road trips! Traveling by plane requires exposure to a large number of people, but road trips allow you to travel with very minimal exposure. Here are our tips for road tripping safely with your family this summer.

Pre-Plan for Stops

Based on how long your road trip is, you may need to pre-plan stops for refilling your gas tank or taking bathroom breaks, especially with young kids in the car. To avoid too much exposure to others, you’ll want to limit the number of stops you take. As always, you should wear your Rafi Nova Face Mask in any public setting. Make sure to handle your mask safely by sanitizing your hands before putting it on, picking it up by the ear loops, and storing it in a separate bag in case it becomes contaminated.

Pack Your Sanitizers

Pack extra hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, so you can avoid picking up or spreading germs along your road trip. Remember to sanitize before and after you get out of the car and wipe down any surfaces before you touch them (including your door handles). Keep your sanitizer supplies in a separate bag for easy access during your road trip. Our Rafi Nova Single Pouch and Supernova Backpack are both perfect travel accessories for carrying your safety essentials!

Bring Your Own Food & Drinks
Depending on the state(s) you are traveling to or through, they may have restrictions for restaurant dining. Be prepared for restaurant closures and avoid unnecessary exposure to others by packing your own food and drinks, such as snacks, water bottles, and groceries to make other meals.

Do you have any other tips for traveling safely with your family this summer? Let us know!

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