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No matter how you plan on schooling this year, things will be a little bit different. Although we know that our children are bright, resilient, and adaptable, they (and also you!) might have a tough time adjusting to intense and unfamiliar changes to their education this year. Not only is learning changing to become socially distant, but many schools are also considering altering class curriculums and materials to become more accurate in addressing the contributions of minority populations. If you feel uncertain about how your school will handle these changes, or you want to make sure your child’s learning during this time is deeply absorbed, we recommend using the following resources. The topics covered in this list range from current events, science, stories, to female empowerment! Parents only want the best for their children, and this year, they may need some extra support and additional resources in their education. 

Here is the list of books:

Little Leaders series by Vashti Harrison

Whoever You Are by Mom Fox 

Skin Again by Bell Hooks 

Happy in Our Skin by Fran Manushkin

We’re Different, We’re the Same by Sesame Street 

Big World of Little Dude Book series by Cara Zelas 

YouTube List:

National Geographic Kids 

Dr Binocs 

Mother Goose Club 

Mike Likes Science 


Smart Girls / Amy Poehler

Soul Pancake 

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