Corona Virus: How to Prepare

Posted by Marissa Goldstein on

As a mama to 4 young kiddos, an avid traveler and someone whose been living and working in Asian manufacturing, here’s what I’m doing to prepare for a potential spread of the Corona Virus:

  • Making sure my kids understand the importance of washing hands: we are washing our hands before and after any activity and using hand sanitizer when out and about.  I told them that there is a bad sickness going around and we can beat it by keeping our hands clean.  We make a game over who can be the wash-hand leader.
  • Stocking up on some non-perishables and medications: While I don’t think there will be a total food shortage, I do know that these types of situations can cause a delay in supply chain and prices to soar.  We stocked up on large gallons of water, some non-perishables and any pertinent medication.
  • Putting not-necessary travel on hold: we currently don’t have any travel plans and we aren’t seeking any new ones at this time.  I still think flying and public transportation is fine, as long as you are cognizant of hand washing and not touching your face (this is obviously challenging with kids).
  • Avoiding super crowded play spaces with my children: Although kids are least likely to catch the Corona virus, it’s flu and cold season so I try, to the best of my abilities, to keep my kids away from crowded areas that store/spread germs (I do this anyway during high germ season).
  • Staying calm: Fear of the unknown and the fear brought on by the media can be debilitating.  It’s important to stay informed but there’s a fine line between staying informed and going overboard with reading and believing everything and anything.  Staying calm and doing your best to prepare for a potential disruption of your typical schedule, is what everyone should be doing right now.  Let me say that again: STAY CALM!

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