Why I went down the slide in the kiddie pool and how it gave me a feeling of Euphoria

Last weekend, while visiting my parents in Cape Cod, I went down the slide in one of those giant inflatable kiddie pool-slide things, bruised my butt and could not stop laughing. Why is this a big deal you may wonder? Let’s start by painting you the picture that I’m the mom that rarely gets in the pool. I get the kids in their suits, sunscreen the hell out of them, make sure they have their hats, goggles and towels. I watch from the sideline but I rarely get wet.


The same thing goes when we are playing. I am the one who sets up the play, makes sure everyone has what they need and clean it up. But I struggle, like really struggle, with being in the moment and literally playing with my kids. I’m just not good at it; I get frustrated when they aren’t dealing the cards fast enough, can’t find the right puzzle piece or, can you imagine, make a mess (luckily my husband LOVES to play with them – but he doesn’t like to clean up).


So when I tell you that I took off my shorts that cover my thighs and butt, awkwardly climbed up to the top of the slide of the inflatable pool as the whole thing started to lean to one side, and, WENT DOWN THE SLIDE, it was a big deal for me.

I'm the mom that doesn't enjoy actually playing with my kids; I enjoy setting everything up, keeping everyone happy and making sure everyone has what they need. Oh, and cleaning up of course!


And when I thumped at the end and REALLY felt the ground – all 4 of my kids erupted in laughter (as did I) and they all came over and jumped on me, splashed me and asked me to go again. I went again, and again and guess what? I had fun.

Okay, silly example. You may think “why don’t you always just go down the slide”. Good question. I could come up with a million answers and every excuse under the sun as to why sitting on the sidelines is fine. I always come up with them and will continue to do so no matter what sort of mindset I try and get myself into.

Here’s the thing – if just some of those times you take off your shorts, jump in and don’t worry about ALL of those thoughts in your head – you will find a few euphoric seconds where you see the world as your children do and you connect with them on a different level.

So… jump in. Not all the time, but sometimes. Don’t worry about all the things there is to worry about. But definitely, don’t forget to take some Advil before bed!