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        Introducing The Smile Mask, by Rafi Nova. Designed with the needs of members of the hard of hearing and deaf community in mind, the Smile Mask’s innovative transparent panel overcomes the limitations that traditional masks pose for non-verbal communication.

        Made with flexible adjustable straps, these reusable masks accommodate hearing aids or cochlear implants.


        The mask brought a smile to my father's face. He was able to see my smile, something he hasn't been able to see since March. He did say that he was able to read my lips so that was a plus.

        -A. GLASS

        We love how people can finally see our faces! We feel seen! We (me and my 7 year old daughter) wore them today to say goodbye to her teacher. It was so nice that her teacher could see our smiles. Looking forward to seeing my hearing im paired best friend who reads lips.

        -E. BRENNAN

        I love my smile mask so far! I love that my clients will be able to see my facial expression. I work with young children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder so this is very important.

        -C. HARRIS

        The smile mask is fabulous - comfort, design, and just being a wonderful option for lipreading. It doesn't feel too warm to wear with the plastic and feels as comfortable as a traditional fabric mask. I also love how the ties are made to go over my hearing aids so it doesn't interfere.

        -W. GOREN

        I love the idea of the smile mask so everyone can see a happy face.

        -Faith Dernier

        We had just gotten out clear masks. We had tried one previously but my tween age daughter did not like the look it. Attached is the video where we try them for the first time.


        I am a special education teacher and just received my smile mask in the mail today. I'm happy overall! I think my favorite part is that the straps converge into one, so I only have to tie one set of strings. I like how big the see-through screen is - it will really help my young readers be able to see the shape of my mouth when they're learning different sounds.

        -J. HOLTZMANN

        Keep up the great work!!! Thank you for all you are doing for communities near and far with your donations and being inclusive.

        -S. BATTLE

        I wore the smile mask on Saturday morning for my walk to the farmer's market - The farmer's liked that they could see me smile!

        -ALISA BAER

        Rafi Nova is now selling a variety of face-mask styles, including its "Smile Mask," which features a clear cutout to reveal wearers' expressions. The masks were originally designed for members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

        I miss seeing people actually talk to me. I miss actually seeing laughter. Facial expressions. Smiles. That's why when I read about The Smile Mask, I did a proverbial backflip!

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