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        Supporting schools

        Rafi Nova is committed to supporting schools around the country as they prepare to return to classrooms. We are dedicated to providing protective face masks to students and teachers and have donated XXX masks to XXX K-12 schools in need.

        While traditional cloth masks limit communication by disguising nonverbal cues such as facial expressions, our Smile Mask includes a clear panel that rests over the mouth which allows others to see the lips of the wearer. We believe that sharing a smile is a critical part of building the important bond that forms between the teachers and learners. We also recommend our Everyday Elevated Mask, which is made with three layers of lightweight cotton. With an adjustable nose bridge and ear straps, this mask is comfortable and breathable for when you have a long afternoon of staff meetings or parent teacher conferences.

        If your school or organization needs a large quantity of masks, Rafi Nova can fill bulk orders of up to 1 million units. Rafi Nova’s original designs are available, however we may also be able to customize masks according to your organization’s needs. Please email [order email address] if you wish to print a logo or make other order specifications.

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