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        The story of Rafi Nova begins with four names: Raya, Efi, Noa, and Eyva. They’re our two sets of twins, the namesakes of our company, and they’ve been our traveling companions since they were in diapers.


        Two sets of twins? 

        Yes. Two sets of twins. Under four years old. And did we mention we live ½ the year in Vietnam and ½ the year in the US? All so we can manage our husband/wife business in Vietnam. 

        We’ve been husband and wife business partners for over 6 years – working with brands around the world to bring their ideas to life, specifically with manufacturing bags and accessories.  After traveling back and forth to Southeast Asia, exploring remote villages around the world and longing to start a company that utilizes both the traditional handicrafts that we discovered as well as giveback to these communities, we decided to create a company that would do just this.

        Rafi Nova:

        Traditional handicraft techniques that have been passed from grandmother to granddaughter are being replaced by machines.  By introducing you to Rafi Nova, we are creating new demand for these traditional handicraft practices and inspiring our Rafi Nova community to get out and go. 

        We created Rafi Nova not only for us, but for the families who want to take their children on new adventures, share new memories and blaze new trails, as well as for the mothers and grandmothers around the world whose livelihoods are wrapped up in these beautiful textiles.

        We know that every family’s journey is unique, but we also believe that we all share common goals of joy, health, and happiness for our children. Rafi Nova seeks to unite families by celebrating cultures from around the world and exploring the different ways in which we build and create community. 

        What’s your adventure? Drop us a line at We can’t wait to connect with you.


        Marissa, Adam, Raya, Efi, Noa, and Eyva