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        Mask Your Face

        Not Your Smile!

        Did you know that communication relies on both verbal and non-verbal language?

        Facial expressions, micro gestures, and intonation are critical to be understood.

        Traditional masks eliminate those essential cues.

        This makes a traditional mask an obstacle for the hearing impaired and deaf, who make up 5% of the world’s population.

        Believing that masks are just as essential as being understood, Rafi Nova created the Smile Mask to protect and connect people.

        Want to help us make it even better?

        Does a traditional mask prevent you from being understood, either professionally or personally? We would love to send you our new Smile Mask prototype and hear your feedback!

        We will provide FREE Smile Mask in return for a video testimonial answering the following questions:

        1. What do you love about the Smile Mask?
        2. How can we make it better?

        If you are willing to provide your feedback, please complete this form to request a mask.

        We will consider ALL candidates and let you know if you’ve been selected.

        If you’re not selected - don’t worry, we want to get you a mask ASAP.

        We’ll add you to the top of the preferred waitlist, giving your priority access to the new Smile Mask

        Our mission at Rafi Nova is to support communities, both near and far, so we have shifted our focus to support the community where they need it most: safety and protection. We began manufacturing face masks in March and continue to donate one mask per order to frontline workers.

        We created the Smile Mask to meet the needs of the deaf and hearing-impaired community that has been greatly affected by mask mandates around the world. We hope to make communication easier for anyone that relies on lip-reading and to allow everyone to see each other’s smiles.