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        In honor of International Women's Month, join Rafi Nova for the RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS CHALLENGE     

        Enter for a chance to win a Supernova Backpack ($228 value) and Single Pouch ($54 value)

        Here's how to enter: 

        1. Join the Rafi Nova Random Acts of Kindness Challenge by filling out the form below
        2.  Do two random acts of kindness each week until the end of the month and share it to your stories (make sure to tag #LiveRafiNova, @rafinova_go)
        3. Encourage a friend to join the Rafi Nova Random Acts of Kindness challenge because the more people that join, the more acts of kindness will occur.


        Here's what you'll get for completing the challenge:

        • A "buy one, get one" pouch coupon
        • We will randomly select 5 people at the end of the month who have completed the challenge and award their random acts of kindness with a free Rafi Nova Pouch ($54 value)
        • We will randomly select 1 person at the end of the month who has completed the challenge and award their random acts of kindness with a free Super Nova Backpack ($228 value)
        • We will award EVERY participant with a limited time 25% off coupon