Welcome to our new Rafi Reps Series! A weekly series were we featue some of our favorite customers and ask them questions about life, travel and more.

This week we have Candace McManus, a mom of two girls currently living in Boston!


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"I love our backpack! It comes with us on every outing"

What's Your Name? Candace Greene McManus

What is your social handle? @candygreene

Where do you live? Boston

Tell us a little about yourself?

We moved back to America a year ago after living in London for four years. I work for a NYT bestselling author. Bowling was my high school sport haha
How did you learn about Rafi Nova?
Following the travel journey of my college friends Marissa and Adam.
What is your favorite Rafi Nova product?
I love our backpack! It comes with us on every outing. The Oh Shit kit has been fun to have in hand. Love our masks, too!
You've lived all over with your family. Where has been you favorite place to live and why?

Thailand was one of our top trips! Loved diving into the rich culture there, immersing ourselves in the cuisine and everyone was so nice! Can’t wait to get back to SE Asia! We also loved Switzerland - gorgeous scenes for days!
What are you families favorite adventures?
Pre-pandemic we loved country hopping! Some of our favorite trips included the breathtaking views of Grindelwald, Switzerland, the bustling streets of Tokyo, Japan, and the warmth of everyone we encountered in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Immersing ourselves and learning cultures around the world is one of our favorite things to do as a family!
Our adventures now are a bit more local, and we love that too! Road trips to near and far cities of America have helped break the monotony of the pandemic up for us. We’re so lucky we can still make travel happen for us in different ways.