Welcome to our new Rafi Reps Series! A weekly series were we featue some of our favorite customers and ask them questions about life, travel and more.

This week we have Talia Jacobson, our newest addition to the Rafi Nova team and new social media intern.

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"I love the Around the World belt bag! It is so perfect for traveling or long walks with my friends."

What's Your Name? Talia Jacobson

What is your social handle? @taliasj

Where do you live? Needham, MA

What do you do at Rafi Nova?  I'm the new Rafi Nova social media intern.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a senior in college studying Psychology with minors in Theatre Arts and English. I am obsessed with indoor cycling and recently became a spin instructor. I love musical theatre and have performed in more shows than I can count! I have seen 75 shows on Broadway. I hope to move to New York City next year, but TBD on what I will be doing!!
What is your favorite Rafi Nova product?
I love the Around the World belt bag! It is so perfect for traveling or long walks with my friends.
Where is the best place you've ever travel?
My favorite place I traveled to was London! I love everything about it there and can't wait to go there again
Where is the one place you want to travel?
I would love to travel to Italy! I am obsessed with any and all Italian food and I want to try the real deal.
What are you families favorite adventures?
My families favorite adventures are really having no agenda and saying we’re going on an adventure… either going outside or getting in the car and seeing where it takes us. Just like Reggio Emilia in terms of the philosophy that inspires play for me… I let the children lead. I may ask, what are you thinking about this morning? And if my girls say “rocks” then we’ll go on a rock hunt, or visit an exhibit with rocks (pre-covid) or we might go to Michaels to get paint and then paint rocks at home.
What does your ideal day look like?
Getting brunch in nyc then going to see a Broadway show.