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        Connect as families. Source adventure. Let’s make more good.

        Everyday Adventure: An event or experience that expands, shifts, or alters your perspective - challenge yourself, take risks, leave the ordinary behind.

        Who We Are

        Rafi Nova founders Marissa and Adam Goldstein are most comfortable on the road and with their two sets of toddler age twins they have traveled to more than 50 countries!

        Almost immediately after Rafi Nova started as a travel and accessories company, our world changed dramatically! In response, Marissa and Adam pivoted their factories to manufacturing masks to meet the needs of their community. To date, Rafi Nova has donated more than 200,000 masks to organizations in need and front-line workers.

        As we pivot for a second time, back to our travel and accessory roots, we hope you will come along for this amazing journey as Rafi Nova will be with you every step of the way on our mission to encourage families to adventure near and far while doing more good in the world.

        Our Mission

        Create Community. Elevate the everyday by saying yes. Act locally and support globally.
        We are a socially conscious lifestyle brand on a mission to get families out for every day adventures, inspire connection and do more good.

        How It's Made

        At Rafi Nova we care. We care that our designs are thoughtful and meet the needs of your ever evolving lifestyle. We care about using remnant fabrics that would have been discarded and recycled material whenever possible. We care about the team cutting and sewing our products and that they are treated with respect. We care about our impact. We care about you.


        Giving back has always been at the core of what we do. Over the past few years, we've partnered with more than 50 non-profits and donated over 200,000 masks and backpacks to causes that you care about. At Rafi Nova, we look for the common thread that binds us with each and every partnership and collaboration we forge. Authenticity, transparency and good are behind every relationship we create with brands, people and organizations who are out to take on the world while making it a better place.

        Why Rafi Nova?

        Core Ethical Values

        Commitment to the awareness of social issues

        Change Makers

        Taking action for creating a better society

        Inclusive Community

        Inclusive practices and making good for all

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