Welcome to our new Rafi Reps Series! A weekly series were we featue some of our favorite customers and ask them questions about life, travel and more.

This week we have Jenna "JD' Dosch who is an events producer in NYC at the Wythe Hotel and former owner of the coolest kids space in NYC, The Little People Party. She's also a mom to 6 year old style icon Jarvis and married to NYC punk legend Andy Shaw.

Follow her over @jenna.jd.dosch on IG.

"People stop me on the streets in Brooklyn and ask me where I got my backpack. I'm always street reppin' Rafi Nova"

What's Your Name? Jenna Dosch "JD"

What is your social handle? @Jenna.jd.dosch

Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY

Tell us a little about yourself?

Mother of a 6 year old son, event producer currently working as Wedding Sales Director at Wythe Hotel. Loves yoga and bike rides in the park
How did you learn about Rafi Nova?
My dear friend and fellow mom goddess, Megan Harper
What is your favorite Rafi Nova product?
The backpack!!! Absolute lifesaver
What are you favorite adventures to do as a family?
We love bike rides in Brooklyn, hikes upstate, and camping in the Summer
What is your favorite Tattoo?
I have many, I love flowers personally.
Now, you've thrown some killer events in your career. What is the best event you've ever thrown?
My old company, The Little People Party, which was a kid's entertainment company that focused on daily pop up events to entertain children and adults alike
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I would love to go to Iceland and see the hot springs and northern lights