Holiday shopping? Here's five great reasons to go with a gift box!

Who doesn’t love unwrapping a gift-box to find not one, not two, but three or more goodies inside!?

This holiday season, Rafi Nova, the “do more good” company, is offering a selection of specialty bundles to help you give the perfect gift!

We love gift boxes, and here’s five of our favorite reasons why you should too:

  1. When it comes to getting a gift, everyone loves to get more!
    Let’s face it. No matter how good a single gift is, it’s always just one single gift. People love our belt bags, and they make great presents by themselves, but why stop there? Our Adventure Ready Box includes the belt bag and our sturdy water bottle and adventure mat.
  2. Boxes multiply the element of surprise!
    When it comes to opening a gift, the surprise of discovering what’s inside is half the fun. Giving a bundle means not only giving multiple items but also multiple chances to discover something new.
  3. Themed boxes make your loved ones say, “You know me so well!”
    Got a friend who loves to get comfy? We have them covered with our Cozy Suit box. Have a favorite teacher you want to surprise? We have a box just for them.
  4. You get more for less!
    All of our bundles feature awesome savings. We put it all together so you can save, and make the most of your gift giving this season.
  5. Boxes make great stand-a-lone gifts, and are also perfect to add to a bigger bundle.
    Giving grandma a big gift this year, like a new TV? Our boxes make a great cherry-on-top. Or, you can add a box as a companion gift — surprise your significant other with new streaming service subscription, coupled with our Snuggle Sesh box.

Check out our full selection of holiday boxes here!

The Rafi Nova Team