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      News — Teachers

      Rafi Nova has the top clear face masks for teachers!

      Teachers now need to wear a mask at school and for long periods of time. Educators who are continuing to have in-person classroom work with students will see the benefits of clear face masks over a cloth face covering for improved communication. 

      Rafi Nova’s The Smile Mask uses a unique design and a clear plastic, BPA free panel to overcome the limitations that traditional masks pose for non-verbal communication.  The clear face mask sits away from the skin, which causes less irritation, and has one size fits most adjustable ear loops for comfort.

      Rafi Nova has clear face mask packs for teachers that will increase teachers' ability to communicate with their students more efficiently. Due to the clear mask panel, their students will be able to see their mouth as they talk and smile throughout the day’s lessons.

      One of the most important ways teachers can communicate effectively is through facial expressions. In today's current climate with COVID-19, teachers need to have the ability to show their face while protecting themselves and their students. Rafi Nova provides this ability with its clear face mask packs available for teachers. 

      By giving teachers the ability to have their visual facial expressions coincide with what they say, Rafi Nova's clear face masks allow communication and education to continue beyond what a student might hear. It is important to remember that visual cues make up 55% of communication and are more critical to deaf or hard of hearing students that rely on lip-reading. When these visual cues are hidden with a clothed mask, the likelihood of miscommunication may occur at a higher rate.

      A smile's importance can never be underestimated in building a rapport with your students and improving these relationships! These clear face mask packs allow for teacher and student relationships to develop more efficiently.  When classroom tensions might run high, the value of a smile can diffuse and calm a situation. Rafi Nova's clear face mask packs for teachers will help any educator.

      Understanding visual cues and listening to the words being spoken are key for students to comprehend an assignment fully. An additional benefit of clear face masks for teachers, who are working with children of all ages, is that these masks allow teachers to explain ideas and concepts without any interference of their face covered with a cloth mask. 

      Clear face masks provide a design that features the ability to work well for the entire classroom.  We encourage teachers and students alike to consider the Rafi Nova clear face masks. This mask will significantly improve communication with your students and result in a stronger bond across the classroom, enhancing engagement with students and peers a like.

      Whether it's working with hard of hearing students, teachers who want to increase their connection with each student with a smile, and everything in between, Rafi Nova's clear masks for teachers have a large number of benefits for the teachers and their students.  Teachers, try and experience these clear masks for yourselves! Clear face masks for teachers are available to purchase at

      Masks for Your Back to School Shopping

      Masks for Your Back to School Shopping

      By Elena Allison

      Fall is here! Hear the yell! Back to school.. Grab your masks and hand sanitizer! If you’re a parent, you’ve probably been preparing for this day since your child’s spring break turned into a four month long weekend. With summer camp, swim team, and family vacations all cancelled, our kids have been literally bouncing off the walls. As much as we want to see them back in school, back around their friends, and back to feeling somewhat normal again, we can’t help but be worried for them after months of social distancing. However, there are some things you can do to help your child and yourself feel prepared for this colossal change. Rafi Nova has set you up with the ultimate back to school list so you can go back with style and confidence. 


      1.  Masks

      Your child will likely be expected to wear a mask throughout the day. This is difficult even for the most dedicated adults, and children find this even harder. Let your child choose a mask that they think is comfortable, and has a fun color or pattern on it so they actually enjoy wearing it! Send a few backup masks with them in their backpack, and make sure you label them clearly with their name or initials so there is no accidental swapping. Before the first day, make sure your child knows the proper way to put on and remove a mask (by the ear straps without touching the center). Allow them to practice, either on themselves or on a stuffed animal or doll!  Make sure they know what times it is okay to not wear a mask (ie. the cafeteria) and when they should wear one (ie. traveling between locations, on the school bus).


      2.  Storage for Masks 

      Storing masks that are contaminated correctly is just as important as wearing masks correctly! Designate a bag or pocket for only dirty masks, or use the Rafi Nova Mask Case. Make sure your child knows how to correctly remove his/ her mask and wash after each use. 


      3.  Tissues 

      Send your child with packs of tissues so they are prepared to properly cover their mouths and noses when they cough and sneeze! 


      4.  Hand Sanitizer 

      This is a must. Give your child his or her own individually sized pack of hand sanitizer so they do not have to share and potentially spread germs. 


      5.  A Reusable Water Bottle 

      A reusable water bottle will help your child avoid water fountains, which may have high contamination risk. 


      6.  Hair Ties/ Headbands 

      Keeping hair out of faces will keep hands out of faces! 

      Rafi Nova #WhyITeach Giveaway

      Rafi Nova #WhyITeach Giveaway

      Standing on the frontlines this year - and every year - there are countless teachers who make a habit of going the extra mile to ensure our children are able to make the most out of their learning journey. This year, it’s a first for many to have “face masks” on their essential school supplies list. 

      This August, we wanted to do something fun to thank educators across the country by offering the opportunity for a handful of teachers to win Rafi Nova Smile + children’s masks for their entire classroom in our #WhyITeach giveaway. 

      We’re inviting teachers and friends of teachers to visit @rafinova_go on Instagram, and follow a few quick instructions to enter a special teacher for a chance to win! Simply:

      1. 💚Like this Post.
      2. 😷Follow @RafiNova_go On Instagram.
      3. 👩‍🏫Tag a teacher in the comments! 

      We hope a fun giveaway like this can help safely support our educators and students as they head back to school this autumn. We appreciate all that the men and women in front of the “blackboard” do to help us usher in a new generation of open-hearted, open-minded world travelers.