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      What You Should Know About Our New Supernova Masks

      What You Should Know About Our New Supernova Masks

      By: Bella Pelletiere

      Our Supernova Masks are made from recycled textiles from Vietnam and Thailand that we want to showcase to the North American audience. Each  special textile is more than just a mask to wear on your face to protect you from also tells a story. Each mask carries a story and no two masks are exactly the same. 

      Located in North West Vietnam, Our Supernova Saigon Mask is made of Hmong fabric from the ethnic group in Mu Cang Chai. The Hmong people there spend their days growing linen plants to supply fibers for cloth weaving. 


      Saigon Mask

      The Supernova Dalat mask carries a more specific meaning to the Thai culture. The symbols in the shape of diamond represent a palm tree that is frequently used in Thai textiles. Members of Thai communities give thanks to the palm trees as they ripen with fruit in August, as they provide food for their communities during times of famine. 

      Dalat Mask


      Wearing our Supernova masks also means appreciating different cultures around the world, including the women in Vietnam who dedicate their lives to creating beautiful fabrics.