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        News — Face Mask

        Trend Alert! Matching Masks and Outfits

        Trend Alert! Matching Masks and Outfits

        By Elena Allison 

        In 2020, the main goal for most of us is to stay safe, and keep others safe. Thinking about our fashion choices really hasn't been the most pressing issue, and most of us have been more than happy to swap out our jeans for our coziest pair of sweatpants. But over six months into this pandemic, many of us are yearning for a change! Despite our current situation, we have still seen many fashion trends come and go during this quarantine. But one trend we think (and hope) is here to stay is the matching masks and outfit trend! Tyra Banks would probably say something like.. Face mask, but make it fashion! Prominent celebrities, politicians, and influencers have all been seen rocking this look, which in our book, makes it official! If you’re looking for a style revamp just in time for the new year, take a look at our Rafi Nova Masks Homepage to find masks that best suit your style and wardrobe. Today, we’re gonna show you some of our favorite ways to style your masks to your outfit. 

        1. Matching Colors and Patterns 

        We love the way @elenataber rocked our favorite tie dye masks in this Instagram post!  Matching grey and grey makes the tie dye pattern pop and draws your eyes there. This simple monochrome style can work for any color palette or season. 

        Also check out how @juliagiaimo styled our black tie dye mask in this post! Here she contrasted the black mask with a simple white tank, making for a minimalistic neutral look. Even if you don’t match colors or patterns, you can stick to similar color schemes to get the same effect.  


        2. Similar Patterns 

        We love how @bbperformer rocked her fall adult performance mask with a plaid jumpsuit in this post! The red in the mask pairs so nicely with the red in the sweater and so do the different fall patterns on the mask and top! 

        3. Matching Patterns 

        Um..cuteness alert! Do you even really need to bother styling an entire outfit when wearing a mask can do it for you?! Wearing the same pattern on your outfit and your mask has been one of the biggest fashion trends of this year, and we certainly hope it continues! We love this picture of Noa and Eyva looking so cute in their sequined masks and polka dot dresses! Does it get any better than this? 


        What has been your favorite mask trend of 2020? What kinds of masks are you hoping to see in 2021? Leave a comment below or send us a DM on Instagram @rafinova_go!

        Giving Thanks for Tradition

        Giving Thanks for Tradition

        By Elena Allison 

        If you live in a high risk state (which as of this month is almost all of them), we are hoping your Thanksgiving plans this year are a little different than usual. Many of us are splitting family gatherings into smaller groups, staying in with roommates to celebrate ‘Friendsgiving’, or simply ordering takeout and getting together virtually. Whatever your plans are this season, one thing that does not have to change is the joy that comes from celebrating family, friendships, and blessings. Today, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite, most meaningful Thanksgiving traditions, and shared some ideas for how to make these pandemic proof! Although many of us are grieving the loss of life, jobs, and plans this year, these fun ideas are sure to bring some cheer to everyone involved and create some lasting, memorable moments. 

        1. Add a New Recipe to your Thanksgiving Menu! 

        This year, try adding a new recipe to your annual Thanksgiving menu! It can be something more traditional for Thanksgiving that you usually don’t prepare, or it could be something completely unusual for your family! Making something new or challenging can be a great way to keep your family intrigued and involved in the holidays. If your plans are virtual, or your family is splitting up, consider making it a bit of a contest! Have the pickiest eaters in the family decide who the winner in each group is. Maybe everyone can chip in a little bit in advance to get the winner a gift card, or some new Rafi Nova masks and accessories! 

        2. Start Playing Family Trivia 

        This idea is inspired by my roommate and her parents, who over the quarantine reconnected with their extended family in the U.K. to play a weekly game of Trivia! Now every Saturday afternoon I usually hear some impassioned discussion in British accents coming from our living room. This one is fun for the whole family. Take turns making the questions for different rounds so every generation has a chance to be represented. You might learn a little bit about anything from the newest TikTok star to the biggest 80’s pop hits. 

        3. Make a Thanksgiving Pinata 

        Believe it or not, this one is fun for both kids and adults. Set up a space for some mess, and get ready to get crafty! We love this set of instructions from You could either make this on Thanksgiving Day to break it open on Black Friday, or prepare the pinata a few days in advance to have it ready for your get together! 

        4. Take a Hike 

        If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate right now, why not get out and enjoy it! Pick a park or trail you haven’t been to before (we personally love this website from the U.S. national park service), pack a bag, and go! Make sure you check park hours and any holiday closures, and don’t forget to bring a water bottle, a charged phone, and a clean mask! 

        5. Head to a Pumpkin Patch/ Apple Picking Spot 

        If you haven’t been apple picking yet this season, now’s the time! Lots of orchards have opened with social distancing measures in place to keep everyone safe. Check with your local farm to find out what holiday hours look like and what restrictions are in place. 

        6. Take a Zoom Family Photo 

        Everyone look at your webcam… and say cheese! If you’re feeling like you want to forget about this year, you’re definitely not alone. But when our posterity asks what we did to stay connected and create happy memories, why not show them! Gather everyone around the computer screen, smile, and take a screenshot! Make sure not to leave this year out of the family photo albums, even if it looks a little different. 

        7. Organize a Scavenger Hunt 

        This one is especially fun if your Thanksgiving holiday is virtual or if your family is split into groups this year. This scavenger hunt pack from is sure to have your entire family running around the house looking for items! Is there a better way to make more room for Thanksgiving leftovers? 

        8. Watch the Parade on TV! 

        If you were planning on heading to Times Square for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.. don’t! Although there is still a parade happening this year, one that you can watch online here on Twitter and YouTube, there will be no in person spectators in an effort to enforce social distancing. Additionally, this year’s parade won’t be marching through the traditional Manhattan route, and will be featuring less people. What better excuse is there to curl up on the couch with some hot cocoa or cider, and spend time at home with family and friends!

        9. Help Those in Need

        We love this article from Delish that outlines some of the many ways you can donate your time, money, or resources on Thanksgiving this year! What better way is there to give thanks than by giving back. This year in particular, there are many individuals and organizations in need of support. If you don’t feel like leaving the house this year, you and your family can spend some time writing cards to prisoners, military or seniors! This easy and simple task is sure to spread some joy among all those involved, without unnecessarily spreading germs. 

        Which one of these was your favorite? How is your family or friend group going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year? What are you most grateful for right now? Let us know in the comments, or send us a DM on Instagram @rafinova_go! 

        Masks for Your Back to School Shopping

        Masks for Your Back to School Shopping

        By Elena Allison

        Fall is here! Hear the yell! Back to school.. Grab your masks and hand sanitizer! If you’re a parent, you’ve probably been preparing for this day since your child’s spring break turned into a four month long weekend. With summer camp, swim team, and family vacations all cancelled, our kids have been literally bouncing off the walls. As much as we want to see them back in school, back around their friends, and back to feeling somewhat normal again, we can’t help but be worried for them after months of social distancing. However, there are some things you can do to help your child and yourself feel prepared for this colossal change. Rafi Nova has set you up with the ultimate back to school list so you can go back with style and confidence. 


        1.  Masks

        Your child will likely be expected to wear a mask throughout the day. This is difficult even for the most dedicated adults, and children find this even harder. Let your child choose a mask that they think is comfortable, and has a fun color or pattern on it so they actually enjoy wearing it! Send a few backup masks with them in their backpack, and make sure you label them clearly with their name or initials so there is no accidental swapping. Before the first day, make sure your child knows the proper way to put on and remove a mask (by the ear straps without touching the center). Allow them to practice, either on themselves or on a stuffed animal or doll!  Make sure they know what times it is okay to not wear a mask (ie. the cafeteria) and when they should wear one (ie. traveling between locations, on the school bus).


        2.  Storage for Masks 

        Storing masks that are contaminated correctly is just as important as wearing masks correctly! Designate a bag or pocket for only dirty masks, or use the Rafi Nova Mask Case. Make sure your child knows how to correctly remove his/ her mask and wash after each use. 


        3.  Tissues 

        Send your child with packs of tissues so they are prepared to properly cover their mouths and noses when they cough and sneeze! 


        4.  Hand Sanitizer 

        This is a must. Give your child his or her own individually sized pack of hand sanitizer so they do not have to share and potentially spread germs. 


        5.  A Reusable Water Bottle 

        A reusable water bottle will help your child avoid water fountains, which may have high contamination risk. 


        6.  Hair Ties/ Headbands 

        Keeping hair out of faces will keep hands out of faces! 

        Join Our Rafi Nova Adventure Society!

        Join Our Rafi Nova Adventure Society!

        We’ve never been the type of family to turn down an adventure - after all, what could be more adventurous than raising two sets of twins? But, as we embrace our new normal, adventure looks a bit different right now and it probably will for some time.

        Traveling for us is essential. We work with different communities and cultures across the world to ethically source fabrics used in Rafi Nova fashions. Because travel has been restricted and even canceled in some cases, we decided that right now we’ve been gifted the opportunity to connect with our fellow travelers in a whole new way: meet our Rafi Nova Adventure Society.

        We wanted to build a place that’s about so much more than a retail space. We want to connect with families like ours who find peace in all parts of the world, traveling together, and who seek to share the best and most trying times during life’s many journeys.

        Rafi Nova Adventure Society is a private group on Facebook where members can share inspiring articles, ask questions about upcoming trips, or just vent about a particularly trying “dinner out” with the kids! 

        Sure - membership comes with perks. We’ll be sharing some special sales there that are only for our Rafi Nova Adventure Society Members… and you’ll probably even get a sneak preview of special releases! But, we’re not there to sell you anything. We want to get to know more about you and what’s moving you (or, rather, keeping you put for now!) 

        We invite you to share this community with like minded friends and be a part of the conversation! As we venture into the new school year, start planning the beautiful chaos of the holiday season, and ready ourselves for whatever 2021 throws our way, we need each other now more than ever!

        Get to know us, Adam & Marissa, and a select group of our special moderators and stop by daily! 

        Click right here to visit the Rafi Nova Adventure Society, and start your trip!