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        News — Batik

        Introducing Batik!

        Introducing Batik!

        Introducing Rafi Nova’s Batik Collection!  We have a very limited and rare collection that we procured from 9 vintage batik skirts. 

        Rafi Nova founders, Marissa and Adam, and their 4 kids, personally purchased these rare and sought after textiles in Dien Bien, Northwestern Vietnam.  Each skirt is different, takes up to 6 months to make and are worn for special occasions, such as weddings. They are estimated to be between 5-10 years old.  From each skirt, we can make approximately 6 bags, 10 single pouches and 10 double pouches.

        While these 9 skirts are all a little different, they all feature vintage Hmong hand dyed indigo batik, appliqué and hand embroidered cotton.

        Let’s explain what each of these mean:

        Hand Dyed Indigo Batik:

        The artisan starts by drawing on natural hemp or cotton with black ink and a mixture of beeswax and indigo dye.  She covers the entire surface of the fabric in a symmetrical design that starts from the edges.  Next, they use natural indigo dye (indigo leaves are put into a jar for 4 days, the leaves are removed and the pigment is left to ferment in a vat for 7 days).  The hemp or cotton is repeatedly soaked and sun-dried and the dipping and dying process is repeated 3-4 times per day, up to 40 times in a month long period.  Finally, the fabric is boiled and the beeswax melts away.  The drawings appear in white.  The dried cloth is then embellished with embroidery and appliqué.

        Appliqué: Appliqué is ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn onto larger pieces of fabric to form designs.