5 Awesome Summer Mini-Outings (where an Oh Sh*t Kit comes in handy)

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5 Awesome Summer Mini-Outings
(where an Oh Sh*t Kit comes in handy)

Posted at 10:00 • 3 July, 2021

I recently conducted a search for summer outings with kids and was shocked that most of the ideas were either super inconvenient or incredibly expensive. For life on a more manageable scale, I set out to create mini-outings that you can do close to home and without breaking the bank.

Ice Scream, You Scream!

Nothing screams summer more than ice cream! Put together an ice cream outing calendar with your kids and hold a family contest to vote for the best local ice cream shop. Try cookies and cream at each location or sample the wackiest flavors across the board. At the end of the summer tally up the favorites and award your local shop with the X Family Scoops Award. Our Oh Sh*t Kit Shout wipes may come in handy as someone always drips on mama’s favorite new shirt!


Pick your own.

Find a farm with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, veggies, or flowers and get picking. It is funny for the entire family, big kids too! And the little kids are great little sidekicks to bring as they are much closer to the ground and making picking less of a back strain ;) Check out https://upickfarmlocator.com/ for local spots near you. Bring your OSK and our fave Murphy’s Bite Relief Balm as little bites could derail the rest of your adventure.


Take me out to the ball game.

Let’s be honest, an outing to a major league sporting event as a family can feel like a mortgage payment. Get the same dose of fun and excitement on a smaller, more manageable scale and hit a minor league team outing. Minor League baseball parks are found in 48 states with over 206 teams in the US, CA and the Dominican Republic. Find schedules here: https://www.milb.com/schedule

Mini-Water Park at Home

We are really lucky to have a big yard. This weekend when the temps rose to above 80 degrees, we knew it was too hot to handle three active boys. We simply laid out an extra-large vinyl tarp, turned on the hose and added some dish soap. Voila, all the slippery fun we could handle.


Movie-Time on the Big Screen Again

One of the greatest comebacks of the past year could be the return of the Drive-In. Last summer, in consideration of social distancing, we saw an increase in pop-up drive-ins in our area. It’s ok if they are not showing the latest and greatest cinematic masterpiece. It’s a fabulous outing on its own. Grab a beach chair, a blanket, and your pjs and load up on snacks. Our scent-free ‘poop bags’ from the Oh Sh*t Kit are the perfect size for individual popcorn snack bags!

Check local listings for a pop-up theater near you!

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